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Dubai Golden Visa: New Visa Rules for Property Investors

As a forward-thinking government, Dubai has recently implemented new visa regulations aimed at boosting investment in the property sector. These changes have yielded significant success, leading to a surge in inquiries about the visa application process and requirements. Here, we outline the procedures in accordance with the Dubai Lands Department.

Digital Rent Payments Revolutionize Dubai Property Market

Digital payments for rent are transforming the Dubai property market. For over 18 years, we have been facilitating rent collection on behalf of our clients. In Dubai, the traditional method of rent payment involves 1-4 post-dated checks in advance. However, a new initiative from Emirates NBD and the Dubai Lands department is set to change this.

UAE Government Annual Meetings: Key Highlights and Future Outlook

The UAE is poised to achieve ambitious economic milestones, with the recent approval of the budget for 2024-26 setting the stage for growth. The comprehensive national agenda unveiled during the UAE Government Annual Meetings in Abu Dhabi, chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, emphasizes three core priorities that will shape the nation’s future.

Azizi Venice: A Dubai South Luxury Real Estate Marvel

Introduction: Dubai’s real estate landscape is thriving, and the spotlight is on Azizi Developments as they unveil Azizi Venice, a monumental mixed-use project valued at AED 30 billion ($8.16 billion). This luxury oasis is set to redefine opulent living and entertainment in the heart of Dubai.

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